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Our expert team, located in Macau,
near Hong Kong, performs art restoration services all over Asia

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Cristina Mio U Kit


Born in Shanghai, China. Resident in Macau.

Professional painter and art restorer (paintings on canvas and wood, frescoes and wall paintings). Studied painting, drawing and art restoration and conservation in Shanghai, Macau, Florence and Lisbon..

Between 1999 and 2006 has directed several restoration works in Macau of paintings, frescoes and wall paintings in churches and Chinese temples. Several of the works are now included in the UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List.

Has been guest lecturer in several Macau and China universities on the subject of art restoration.

In 2003 the TDM Macau Television produced a documentary on her work as a painter and as an art restorer.

Executive Editor of MacauArt.Net (, the Art Website of the Macau Government.


Activity as an art restorer